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Media Query Top Labeller

I am working on my first real responsive website and I was finding it hard to get my head around which media query was affecting the display. I’m sure there are tons of other ways of doing the same thing but this one is pure css and works quite well. It uses the :after pseudo class to add the content to body and you can read which query you are on at the top of the page. Just put the code in your css file. Read the rest of this entry »

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Using Web Editors

Web editors [ie the editors used to create the content in today’s content management and blogging systems] can be quirky at the best of times so here are a few tips –  if it sounds like Murphy law then that might actually be a good rule of thumb with them too: Read the rest of this entry »

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DNS Tutorial

I had always been on the lookout for a single tutorial explaining the basics of DNS. Everything I found when I was learning DNS I either found too verbose or else didn’t seem to cover everything. These 3 videos seem to me to start at the absolute basics ( actually  if you know anything about DNS you  might find the first few minutes a bit tedious but he does move fairly quickly) but from there he covers pretty much all of DNS, including some advanced stuff by way of mentioning some of the less used records and giving an option for getting more material. Read the rest of this entry »

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Best Collection of Code for your functions.php file

I discovered this post recently. I just thought it was a great resource.

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WordPress Comments (comments.php file)

I recently needed to do a comments.php file for a WordPress template and found it pretty hard to get to the bottom of some of the newer coding principles. The comments.php file is possibly the most involved piece of a theme. WordPress 2.7 had brought in threaded comments and WordPress 3.0 added the comment_form() function. Read the rest of this entry »


CSS Selectors

This is a cut down / edited version of the excellent work complied by Jeffry Way from this Net Tuts+ tutorial page. Basically I just removed some of the basics and a lot of the example code, and also most of the stuff not supported by IE versions less than 9. The idea is it’s a bit handier for quick use, mostly for my own reference and so I don’t  have to dig info out of the selectors page. I suppose we really all should memorize all these like Jeffry suggests so this is really a memory aid. Read the rest of this entry »

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Anyone who is interested in mind maps will probably also be interested in this free** tool. If you haven’t heard of or used a mind map then you should give it a go, especially if you do any kind of project work, or are interested in organising anything complex. Read the rest of this entry »

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Simple WordPress Header Image Rotation Slideshow Fader

EDIT : This article is obsolete … From the Cross Slide github page

“This code is obsolete in more that one way. There are much better alternatives around to build slideshows without using binary plugins, including CSS3 animations and the Canvas element. Therefore this plugin is unmaintained and unsupported”.


I wanted to do a simple image rotation/slideshow for WordPress without using a plugin …. ( I mean without using a WordPress plugin … I am actually using the CrossSlide jQuery plugin to handle the jquery, but it’s very easy to use. (I am just using it’s ‘fade’ capability here.) Read the rest of this entry »


Frontend ( Forward Facing ) Ajax in WordPress

Note: I have had some problems getting the code to render properly in the code snippits, so please double check after you copy for minor errors eg spurious “& nbsp;” etc.
I spent such a long time figuring this out that I figured I had to share it, even though I’m no Ajax expert. WordPress requires a bit of knowledge to get forward facing AJAX working on so this is an example coding of a basic “Hello World” plugin. It does very little on it’s own but the code could be used to build something more useful, and of course it could be a theme function instead. Note this code is largely unnecessary to do AJAX in the admin section. Read the rest of this entry »