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Simple WordPress Header Image Rotation Slideshow Fader

EDIT : This article is obsolete … From the Cross Slide github page

“This code is obsolete in more that one way. There are much better alternatives around to build slideshows without using binary plugins, including CSS3 animations and the Canvas element. Therefore this plugin is unmaintained and unsupported”.


I wanted to do a simple image rotation/slideshow for WordPress without using a plugin …. ( I mean without using a WordPress plugin … I am actually using the CrossSlide jQuery plugin to handle the jquery, but it’s very easy to use. (I am just using it’s ‘fade’ capability here.) Read the rest of this entry »


Frontend ( Forward Facing ) Ajax in WordPress

Note: I have had some problems getting the code to render properly in the code snippits, so please double check after you copy for minor errors eg spurious “& nbsp;” etc.
I spent such a long time figuring this out that I figured I had to share it, even though I’m no Ajax expert. WordPress requires a bit of knowledge to get forward facing AJAX working on so this is an example coding of a basic “Hello World” plugin. It does very little on it’s own but the code could be used to build something more useful, and of course it could be a theme function instead. Note this code is largely unnecessary to do AJAX in the admin section. Read the rest of this entry »